Focus on Thailand

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This book is a compilation of some of my latest articles published during 2010-2012 in various newspapers, covering key issues in the period of the Democrat Party government under the leadership of Abhisit Vejjajiva and the current ruling Pheu Thai Party under Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. It has been a period of political turmoil and economic vulnerability, locally and globally. This compilation of articles includes many analyses, critiques and recommendations on such public policies as the new populist policies, land ownership, daily minimum wage, the roles of women and conflict, etc. At the same time, some articles offer forward-thinking recommendations for coming issues that the country needs to be ready for, such as the ASEAN Economic Community, Nation Branding, water management and the elderly welfare system.
My intention in writing these articles is not to blame or judge who was right or who was wrong, but to propose and make recommendations focused on goodwill for the country, keeping the national interest in mind, as I always have, thinking of what will be helpful to Thailand?s development. I expect that policy makers and political practitioners will see it as useful.
Moreover, I also expect that each of my articles can encourage, inspire and turn every reader?s ?focus? more and more onto Thailand. How I wish there to be more people willing to participate in the active development of our country, in such a way that we can see Thailand reach its goals in our lifetime together.



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